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Our Work

A multi-modal messaging system for one of the largest multi-national payment processing companies

Whilst we are unable to discuss details and names we are proud to announce the project has entered the comissioning phase and is currently sending millions of test notifications per day. The system is capable of sending millions of emails and SMS per day. We helped our client design a system that could serve their current needs efficiently whilst allowing simple scaling to much larger projected future needs.

We built a data aggregation tool to power an award winning advertising campaign.

Our system was responsible for aggregating, sorting and providing a huge volume of real-time data to power a city-wide data driven advertising campaign for a world leading search and mobile company. The data was sourced from multiple 3rd parties and due to the quantity of information the utmost care had to be taken not to overload external providers. We were initially approached by our client who wanted help scaling a prototype they had built. We ended up building a completely new system that can scale not just citywide but countrywide and worldwide too.

Our team created a time and resource planning application for a large London tech agency.

We built a SaaS application that allowed the tracking of people, tasks and time in a tech agency environment. The project is currently being used internally with a view to rolling it out to external customers by the middle of next year. The system was built in a way that lets it scale from 1 agency to 1000's without human intervention.

A startup needed a system to create and manage innovative social media marketing campaigns.

We delivered a system that ran several major marketing campaigns for large high street firms over the holiday season. Timing was tight and the budget was tighter but the promotions ran, thousands of emails were sent and the system excelled itself.

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